Iwase Cosfa Management System

Environmental Management: ISO14001

Iwase Cosfa handles environmental preservation from a global stance to undertake business activities.
As evidence, we have acquired ISO14001 certification for environmental management, as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); we give back to society through a correct understanding of and quick response to environmental issues. Our business activities are based on this guiding principle, and hope that we are recognized as contributing to our local environment. We will continue to take on such initiatives in order to be a trustworthy materials company.

Environmental Policies

Recognizing that global environmental issues are one of the most important concerns common to all humans, Iwase Cosfa establishes continuous goals in consideration of global environmental preservation, and works to realize such goals.

Conduct Policies

  1. We recognize the impact of our work on the environment, and continually improve efforts to prevent pollution and improve the environment.
  2. We respect environmental laws, as well as internal agreements and self-imposed standards, in all aspects of our business activities.
  3. We have a deep understanding of the effects of our business activities on the environment, and strives to reduce waste and effectively use resources.
  4. We work to propose new materials that are environmentally friendly.
  5. These policies are made available to the public, as well as to those who work in (and for the benefit of) our organization.

Environmental Policy: ISO14001

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Quality Management System: ISO9001

As a cosmetics materials trading company, Iwase Cosfa constantly practices quality management as one part of improving customer satisfaction. As part of these practices, we have acquired ISO9001 certification, established an international standard of quality management and assurance. We operate a quality management organization, and while planning appropriate improvements, take on initiatives within our business activities that connect to even greater contributions to our customers.

Regarding Quality

The "quality" in our quality management isn't simply to do with the grade of the product. To Iwase Cosfa, quality is the reliable execution of all duties associated with a customer's order, including quantity, dates, delivery locations, etc. We find meaning in our quality management system by measuring increased customer satisfaction as the result of the improved quality of our work.


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    Management System Certificate
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