Wellness Department

Wellness Department

Supporting our customers from material and product proposals to finished product manufacturing.

IWASE COSFA has spent many years cultivating new innovative health care products in Japan.
As the beauty industry continues to expand, we want our customers to make use of our best knowledge of food supplements, product planning, and supporting the acquisition of Efficacy Evaluation data for food ingredients.

Main Business Activities

Food Supplement Ingredients
Functional Food Product Materials

Ingredients portfolio covering : Beauty-related effects (hair and nail, moisturizing, brightening, anti-aging, etc.), diet, bad breath prevention, lifestyle diseases prevention, anti-fatigue, relaxing effect...

Food Supplement Final Products Development
Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

We can help you to develop a wide range of health products such as stick jelly, foil spout pouch, soft/hard capsules & tablets, and Chinese traditional medicine.

Efficacy Evaluation Data
Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
  • In Vitro
  • Non-clinical test(GLP/Non-GLP)
  • Clinical test
  • Acute/Long-term intake test
  • Safety and Efficacy test
  • Feel free to contact us for further details.
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Iwase Cosfa Initiatives

Iwase Cosfa Initiatives

We want to be healthier and more beautiful. To grant this eternal wish, we at Iwase Cosfa have been providing raw materials to a variety of industries since our founding.

Food Product Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Food Product Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

We deal in an assortment of health food OEM products, and are a one-stop company for contracting planning proposals, product design, and quality assurance.

Original Cosmetics Materials

Original Cosmetic Raw Materials Development

Our cosmetics materials specialists have mastered the latest technology to carry out development and testing. (Titanium oxide, infrared scattering agents for zinc oxide dispersion paste, squalane, vegetable-based ceramide, etc.)