Corporate Social Responsibility


Our company mission is : �Giving greater happiness to a greater number through beauty & health�, Iwase believes that it is part of its mission to improve sustainability and to promote social contribution.
We strive to create a work environment that will stimulate honesty, transparency, compliance, expertise and cultural diversity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

1.To Our Customers

  • • We firmly comply to all laws and regulations.
  • • We strongly protect customers and individual informations.
  • • We provide accurate product information.
  • • We work to improve knowledge and technology to respond to our customers� needs.

2.To Our Partner Companies

  • • We conduct business with honesty,ethics, justice and fairness.

3.Labor Practices

  • • We endeavor to create worthwhile & comfortable work environment in consideration of occupational health and safety.
  • • We aim to build a highly transparent organization by prioritizing communication.
  • • We expand promoting female employees.

4.Kind to the Environment

  • • We promote environmental preservation measures.

5.Social Contribution & Community Activities

  • • We are member of the community and treasure that role.
  • • We actively participate in local and community contribution programs.

[ The MICHINOKU Future Fund ]

[ The MICHINOKU Future Fund ]

We endorse and aid the MICHINOKU Future Fund, a scholarship supporting the educational advancement of children who lost one or both parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The MICHINOKU Future Fund

[ Blue Clover Campaign ]

[ Blue Clover Campaign ]

We join efforts with the Blue Clover Campaign, which works to convey accurate information about prostate cancer and the importance of early detection and proper treatment, through the BLUE CLOVER JOYX OPEN golf tournament.

Blue Clover Campaign

We support the Smokey Mountain Boy's Baseball Project.

From 25-26 October, 2014, a baseball exchange event for local children was held at a baseball field in Manila's Smokey Mountain area; participants also received guidance from Japanese hall-of-famers Komada and Kitabeppu.


These children will become adults who, through baseball, will work to help create perpetual world peace. We want to nurture more children like this. By planting more seeds, we expect more children to bud and blossom into active participants in the future.

Other supporting groups: Meikyukai (Japanese baseball hall of fame), Descente, JCI Manila

Smokey Mountain Project (SMP)

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