Company Introductory Video and Anthem

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Introducing Iwase Cosfa through a comprehensive video.

Through the video, we introduce Iwase Cosfa�s history, management philosophy, occupational field, corporate governance and our vision. By showing our office environment and research presentations, we hope to give you a clearer idea of our company and the culture.

NHK world

We are glad to announce that NHK World has selected Iwase Cosfa to be introduced in its renowned TV show Catch Japan.

Program name: CATCH JAPAN
Broadcast date: December 27, 2019.
Program URL:

CATCH JAPAN introduces companies, government agencies, and other groups in Japan. NHK is broadcasted in over 160 countries in over 300 million households.

The company anthem

With the help of the singer-songwriter Kohmi Hirose, we have put our passion into the company anthem.

"Giving greater happiness to a greater number of people through Beauty and Health."
Under this management philosophy, our corporate group as a whole has been aiming to help a greater number of people, and to serve not only Japan but around the world since our establishment in 1931.


We have faced various obstacles through the 85 years, but despite the challenges we have had a stable growth. Not only do we have our valued partners to thank for, but we also appreciate our employees who have always been dedicated and hard-working.


The company anthem �Cosfa as the Sun� is a product of numerous meetings between our company and Kohmi Hirose. As in the lyrics, we value our bonds and pass on the spirit and passion to future generations by continuing to change and innovate in this ever-changing times.


We thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

President and Representative Director, Yoshinori Iwase

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